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The Glorious Quran (Word To Word Hindi Translation)

The Glorious Quran (Word To Word Hindi Translation)

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LANGUAGE: Hindi Script
BOOK COVER: Hardback
PUBLICATION: Understand Al-Quran Academy 2 Volumes
 Size: 24 x 30 x 3 cm -


Why Should You Buy This Book?

  • Word-to-Word Hindi Translation: Understand the Quranic verses in Hindi with precision and clarity.
  • Enhanced Comprehension: Gain deeper insights into the meanings of the Quranic text in your native language.
  • Study Aid: Ideal for students and scholars to analyse the Quranic verses in detail.
  • Language Learning: Improve your Hindi language skills by studying the direct translation of each word.
  • Accessible Format: Presented in a clear and easy-to-read layout for effortless comprehension.
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